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Club Dehradun is a famous address in Dehradun and one of the popular hang-out spots of the elite. This prestigious club is located on Rajpur Road and takes just 2 hour drive from Clock Tower. This club provides lodging, recreation and dining facilities to its members in a sophisticated ambience. This social club is the most popular venue for hosting any important event like beauty pageant or music concerts.

Facilities and Services offered by Club Dehradun :

The Body Shop : The fitness center with all latest facilities.

The Wet Splash : Swimming pool with modern filtration plant.

Aces and Volleys : Perfect place for outdoor sports like badminton, basket ball, etc.

Billiards and Snooker : Learn and play with the in-house experts here.

The Small Putt : The mini golf course.

The Card Room : Enjoy games of card, carom, etc. along with the pipe music.

Doon valley Talkies : The cinema hall with huge screen projector

The Lounge : Feast on fresh baked cookies, cakes and pastries along with tea or coffee.

Chill Out : Unwind and relax with a mug of beer or enjoy wines from various parts of the world.

Nature Trail : This is that area of the Rajpur Road The Club where a simple morning and evening walks untangle the tired nerves.
The Green Way : The exotic spa .

Affinity : The beauty parlor and salon with all modern facilities.

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